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Different Audiences in Your Article

Depending on your audience, the first sentence of your introduction can set the tone for your entire essay. The first sentence can also tell the reader what makes your topic important and relevant to them.

Knowing the audience can help you determine what information to include, how to organize it and even the type of language to use.


When you write a technical document, it may be written solely for fellow professionals in the field. These documents often contain highly specialized terminology and must be written in a way that can easily be understood by those with a strong grasp of the subject matter. These readers have specific needs and desires that must be met when writing for this audience.

Generally, these professionals have advanced degrees and possess the skills needed to perform their jobs. They need technical information to be successful and want to learn more about the subject to further their careers. Technical information can include troubleshooting guides, assembly instructions, “dos and don’ts,” warranties, and other details that must be conveyed in an easy-to-understand manner. This type of writing can be considered a science.

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